March 28th, 2024

NDP calls out Ford for broken promise to Milton over Campbellville Quarry

QUEEN’S PARK – MPP Sandy Shaw (Hamilton West – Ancaster – Dundas), Official Opposition critic for Environment, Conservation, and Parks, called out Doug Ford today for breaking his promise to the people of Milton over the Campbellville Quarry.

“In 2020, Ford and then-PC MPP Parm Gill told the people of Milton that if they weren’t in favour of re-opening the Campbellville Quarry, they would make sure that the proposal was stopped," said Shaw. “Ford broke that promise and has barely lifted a finger to do anything to close this gravel pit despite the significant impacts it will have on the nearby community.”

In 2019, a private company applied to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry for a full-fledged mining operation in Campbellville, which would have significant impacts to the nearby community, environment, and water supply. The community has been clear in their concerns, and their united advocacy encouraged Milton Council to pass a resolution opposing the project.

“It’s clear that Ford has no respect for the people of Milton,” said Shaw. “It’s been 4 years since he made a promise to have their backs. Instead, he’s let them down.”

Shaw appeared alongside ACTION Milton at Queen’s Park today during a press conference at 12:30p.m.


There have been many calls for improved oversight of gravel pits like this one, including by Ontario’s Auditor General, who released a damning report in 2023 about the impacts on nearby communities and the environment. Under Ford’s watch, inspection rates decreased by 64 per cent.