April 3rd, 2024

MPP Gates demands justice for seniors who were bullied by Ford into LTC homes against their will

NIAGARA FALLS – MPP Wayne Gates, Ontario NDP Official Opposition critic for Long-Term Care (LTC), is fighting for seniors who have been bullied by the Ford government into LTC homes against their choosing.

“Hundreds of seniors have been bullied into LTC homes against their will because of Ford’s cruel Bill 7”, said Gates. “Today we learned that the province has hit seven of those seniors with fines of up to $400 dollars a day in a cruel attempt to force them into a LTC home that they didn’t choose, with one patient getting hit with a fine of $5,200. It’s intimidation – and it’s just wrong.

"Ford has to repeal Bill 7 before any more seniors in Ontario are hit with these fines and intimidation tactics. Ford must come clean about what they have done to seniors and other Alternative Level Care patients in Ontario, and start treating those entering long-term care with some respect.

"I'm calling on Ford to immediately reimburse everyone who was impacted and stop punishing seniors for the failures of this government who can’t deliver safe and accessible Long Term Care.”